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My name is Aleks Siroki I am a 5+ UI/UX Designer who started out as a Front End developer. I also have a BA in Multimedia Design and Communication, so I know a little bit about most of the areas that revolve around UX Design and UI Design. I, personally, would rather have the credentials of front end development, so I can gauge the Level of Effort for the UX and the UI. Having these credentials also allow me to have a better insight on what can be done to improve upon the UX and what it might take to do so. Too often are the UI, the UX and the actual development separated out in the processes and by different people. I know one person cannot know it all, but the better understanding the developer has of the UX and UI side and the better understanding the UI and the UX people have from the development side, the better projects turn out. I personally believe that by having a better understanding of most of the areas that it takes to build a website or an app, then the better understanding I will have for UI/UX.
Check out my portfolio and if the personalized service and exceptional work quality I offer sounds like what you're looking for in the UXD or the Web designer, get in touch and let's discuss your project! I'd love to put my multimedia design skills to work for you at a very reasonable rate!

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As I continue to pursue my lifelong dream of full-time Web design freelancing, I always bear in mind that one key aspect of building a successful career in my chosen field will be to gain widespread exposure for my own skills through promoting and maximizing the exposure of my clients' business offerings. Creating an ever-expanding list of satisfied clients is a personal goal of mine as a practicing design professional. So, if at any time you should require responsive website or responsive ecommerce site development services, let's be sure to connect and create a mutually beneficial professional relationship!

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